Sunday, April 19, 2015


I know we've been saying for what seems like forever that we're thisclose to drywall, but it FINALLY happened! Our original plan was to hang the drywall ourselves and hire out the finishing work, but after meeting with the guy we planned to hire we made the decision to buy the drywall and have him do it all.  Best. Decision. Ever. He had it all done in 7 days, start to finish. The first day I came home after work and he had hung all of the drywall for the ceilings, and the second day he had all the walls done. It was so crazy to have it all drag out so long and then have it change so quickly. Of course it took 5 more days for all of the taping and mudding and sanding (and mudding and sanding), but what a difference!
View from the kitchen.
View from the living room.
 The first thing we noticed was how much louder everything was. You don't realize how much your exposed floor boards baffle the sounds, but the first night everything echoed so much! 

We got used to the new acoustics pretty quickly though, and  it was so exciting to finally put paint on the walls! Although that was a challenge in and of itself... After the troubles we had when I chose the paint colors for the bedrooms and bathroom, we decided to try those little samples they sell. And then we got 12 more.

We wanted a light grey for the ceiling, and a medium grey for the walls. The green was a color we already had and wanted to use as an accent wall, and the turquoise is what I had picked out long ago for the base cabinets in the kitchen (and after trying a 2nd option, stuck with the original choice). After several choices we immediately hated, and only one choice we didn't, we tried percentages of the color we did like, which we still hated, and we finally had a winner when I found out the color we liked had another name and I found another paint strip with that color on it. So the colors that won are Benjamin Moore Shoreline (ceilings), Benjamin Moore Ozark Shadows (upper cabinets), Benjamin Moore Ozark Shadows 50% (walls), Sherwin Williams Reflecting Pool (lower cabinets) and Sherwin Williams Agate Green (accent wall).

All paint was mixed with Benjamin Moore paint at the recommendation of a painter friend of ours. Flat on the ceiling, eggshell on the walls. I can't wait to get the floors done (hopefully we'll be starting in a week or so) so we can spend more time downstairs actually looking at those new walls!