Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Demolition, Day 1

I know the updates have been a long time coming, but August has been a busy month, so bear with me while I get you up to speed.

Thursday 8/2/12 - Friday 8/3/12

Our first 24 hours as home-owners
We closed on the house with the modest intentions of ripping out the existing floors to uncover the original pine floors, refinish/paint them (depending on their condition), and then eventually gutting each room one by one, over time. Well, those plans have, let's say... evolved. But I'll get to that. 

Let's start upstairs, shall we?

Remember that nasty 1970's carpet? Thankfully, no one attached it properly when it was installed, so after detaching the few nails & staples around the perimeters, it just rolled right up. Mom and I had it all ripped out by dinner time on closing day! Now we have bare pine floors, ready for sanding and painting!
Smaller bedroom
Landing at top of stairs
Back downstairs, we wasted no time tearing out the linoleum and rolling up the existing carpet (we'll be reusing the downstairs carpet in the bedrooms until we can install some source of heat upstairs). One layer closer to those wood floors!
Earning my dinner
We all knew that trash compactor wasn't staying, didn't we?
Our first peek at the hardwood floors!!
Starting to uncover them, but still a looooong way to go...
Home ownership isn't official until you get your first pizza delivered, right?

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