Sunday, September 9, 2012

Demolition, week 4

The only major thing left to do now was finish off the living room. So much lath & plaster to tackle!
Ryan demonstrating the lung-safe way to demo, with a gas mask!
Ceiling half done, 3 more walls to go...
We tried a different approach to the walls, but I prefer taking it all down at once
 I was very glad when we were done with this process, I think it took me 2 days to get the plaster dust out of my hair!
Plaster dust much?

Let me also take this opportunity to let you learn from my mistakes... When you have baseboard heating, and plan to demo anything, make sure to protect your heating elements before getting started, otherwise you'll be learning how to straighten heat fins like I will be...

Cleaning up the mess
Off to the fire pit with you, lath!
I can't believe how wide some of these sheathing boards are, 20"!!!
Ryan standing back and admiring all of our hard work!
Found 3 of these guys when we were moving the wood from the deck to the fire pit, they were less than impressed
We got the kitchen cabinets moved to their temporary home in the garage
Beautiful tongue & groove kitchen ceiling under the drywall, we're going to try to re-purpose this elsewhere
Open concept stairs? These will be gone soon enough!

The end of August was also essentially the end of demolition, save a few small items still to do that aren't really worth mentioning. Demo was a lot of fun, but exhausting, and I'm excited to be able to start putting things back together now! I always have the end result in mind, which hopefully will help me keep plugging along when we start to lose motivation. But for now we can take  moment to rest!

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